Growing List of Businesses Support A Strong Climate Bill

  • We Can Lead is a business alliance of companies that support federal climate change action now.  In January 2010, 83 companies wrote to the U.S. Senate urging the passage of comprehensive climate change legislative action now.
  • Now these companies have kicked off a multi-state virtual tour, aiming to get the signatures of business leaders across the U.S., with planned stops in Ohio, Colorado, New Hampshire and Washington D.C.
  • We applaud We Can Lead and our own growing list of Midwest business voices that support federal climate change legislation and federal renewable energy standards, which will promote a green economy and produce great green jobs.

Heartland Energy Solutions, an Iowa based company, supports a federal renewal energy standard (RES) of 25% by 2025 because we believe that a federal RES will have a significant, positive economic impact in the United States.  The RES will drive GNP growth in many ways, one of which is further jobs creation.  By providing incentives for the increased use of wind power, we expect to see continued job growth at our facility, as well as throughout our supply chain.  Our supply chain consists of companies that install, maintain and repair our turbines.  Job growth in the RES sector also translates into job growth in the banking, finance, accounting and legal sectors.  

The RES will also promote new innovations, which could become the U.S.’s largest new job market created in the last 30 years.  Finally, business people know that when jobs are created, this sustains existing jobs, and there is an economic trickle down impact to education, service providers, merchants, and many other small businesses that are affected by disposable income.

BlackHIllsSolarMy business is located in South Dakota where we build and remodel homes that are more energy efficient and easy to maintain. We accomplish this by using Sip Panels and energy efficient windows/doors, and other materials to help lower home energy bills.  It is time now to not just lower our energy bills, but also have homes and building that make there own power, either with wind or solar. That is why Black Hills Solar fully supports the federal renewable energy initiative of 25% by 2025. We want the federal initiative to include incentives for small wind or solar residential projects, and more incentives on the state level also. Jesse Hart, Owner, Black Hills Solar 605.641.5675

affordable wind logo small jpegAffordable Wind Turbines serves the residential and potential commercial marketplace.  Current market conditions for residential wind turbines are stagnant due to the current global economic recession.  Main obstacles for wind turbine manufactures and installers are varying local ordinances and codes, fees, and uncooperative utilities.  In some Iowa counties wind turbines are banned.  A federal renewable energy standard (RES) of 25% by 2025 would significantly benefit the wind industry generally and my business by providing the needed incentives to eliminate the barriers described above.  If implemented, a federal RES would benefit wind turbine manufactures and suppliers, as well as installers, leading to a robust job market.  Increasing Iowa’s wind supply will help stabilize and perhaps decrease energy costs for consumers.  My business would benefit directly from a federal RES, which would allow for the expansion and hiring of new employees! Johnny Heath, Owner, Affordable Wind Turbines, 515-897-6189.

The Root CellarFor 27 years, The Root Cellar, located in Iowa, has been installing renewable energy and energy efficient alternatives for residential and commercial customers.  We know firsthand how important it is for the U.S. Congress to pass a renewable energy standard (RES) of 25% by 2025, to promote increased usage and incentives to use renewable energy.  A national net billing rule would also help people with renewable energy systems to use their extra production during off wind and solar seasons.  We encourage Congress to act quickly because doing so will spur green jobs. John R. Root, President


Temperature Equipment Corporation supports federal climate legislation.  We recognize the importance of stopping climate change to protect our planet’s and its precious resources. Founded in 1935, TEC has always been a leader in the HVAC industry and for the past 15 years we have strongly supported the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants and have promoted the use of energy efficient heating and cooling equipment.  We believe we can make a difference.

ashrae_100_logo_colorThe Illinois Chapter of ASHRAEWe support supports a strong federal climate bill for the USWe urge everyone to recognize the importance of passing climate change legislation to protect our planet and its resources for future generations. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) fulfills its mission of advancing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world through research, standards writing, publishing and continuing education.  Founded in 1906, the Illinois Chapter, with over 1,100 members, is the largest and oldest chapter of ASHRAE in the world.  We believe we can make a difference.

 farr_name-tag-logo2_397 copyFarr Associates.   For 20 years, we at Farr Associates’s have planned or designed many of the Midwest’s most sustainable (and beautiful) places and buildings. We see climate change legislation as a key strategy for growing green businesses like ours and in creating better, cleaner, and healthier jobs and environments. Jaemi Jackson, LEED AP, FARR ASSOCIATES

GEODEENERGYLLC[1]Geode Energy LLCAs a very small business Geode Energy LLC supports efforts by Congress to pass a Renewable Energy Standard of at least 25% RE use by 2025.  REC’s, municipals, and investor owned utilities should be required to offer similar renewable energy and conservation rebates.  Federal, state, and utility credits should directly benefit the homeowner and small business.  Feed in tariffs should be mandated for all utilities.  Restrictive obstacles such as high insurance requirements, high equipment charges, and paperwork delays should be banned.  The public and businesses will respond when the direction is clear and the playing field is level.  With positive incentives for business and homeowners, we can accomplish the environmental CO2 reduction goals, increase green jobs, and let the public control their future.   Roger Gard , Owner

hvacsolutionsHVAC Solutions supports ELPC’s efforts to pass federal climate legislationWe recognize the importance of this legislation to preserve our planet’s resources for our children’s children. HVAC Solutions’ mission is to provide expertise, products, and solutions to HVAC and plumbing contractors, engineers, and wholesalers.  We believe that our focus on energy conservation solutions is having a positive influence on slowing climate change, but we need the help of thousands of other companies across the US to truly make a difference. Ryan R. Hoger, LEED® AP

WCPSolarServicesWCP Solar Services.  I am a renewable energy consultant that specializes in the design and installation of solar systems worldwide.  My experience has been that the U.S. is viewed by the rest of the world as a third world country when it applies to renewable energies technologies.  Many other countries are aware of and implementing renewable energy technologies.  Proliferation is limited only by the upfront cost of the systems.  In the U.S., the major hindrance is the lack of knowledge about available technologies among the populace.   People are still wondering whether or not the technologies work.  Therefore, I strongly support any legislation that will help with the paradigm shift.  I believe that climate change legislation will help the U.S. regain its leadership role and respect around the world in the movement to save our planet and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and the intensity of the carbon dioxide emissions.  Dr. Everton Walters

 PolyBriteLogoPolyBrite International Inc. We welcome the recent announcement by the White House that President Obama is offering a U.S. target for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the range of 17% below 2005 levels by 2020.  As the manufacturer of Borealis LED lighting products for residential, commercial and retail applications, our company can help the U.S. reduce its GHG emissions through its  diverse product line of energy-efficient lighting sources that are UL, CE, ITL, Wet Label, Energy Star and RoHS compliant.

Borealis LED streetlights have already saved the City of Naperville, IL up to 60% in energy costs for each of the four months the installed lights have been in usage since June 2009.  In addition, with the life expectancy of 50,000 hours, Borealis LED streetlights will last five times longer than the HPS lights the city is currently using and they produce a safer, cleaner light that improve the overall appearance, night time safety and night time visibility.

Our goal is to be the world leader in the manufacturing, assembly, and adoption of energy efficient LED lighting, while helping our customers to reduce  GHG emissions and  energy costs, and creating  thousands of “green collar” jobs in the new “green” economy.   Tabassum A. Haleem, Director of Government Relations & Military Prospects


Community Energy.  Community Energy is dedicated to promoting the development of renewable energy in the United States by providing individuals and companies the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.  Community Energy is dedicated to promoting the development of renewable energy in the United States by providing individuals and companies the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.  We deliver real solutions to climate change in the form of  new wind and solar power development.  Howver, to reach the scale of renewable energy development necessary to effect climate change, meaningful federal legislation must be enacted.

CGO-Logo-3[1]Chicago Green Office. As a sustainable business enterprise, and more importantly a parent to a young child, it is imperative that Congress pass comprehensive climate change legislation this year.  We need comprehensive reform that allows us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. –  Joanna Davidson, President

eOneLogoe-One creates sustainability programming for Illinois trade associations and their small business members. It is our conviction that economic growth and environmental sustainability can and should go hand-in-hand. As such, we support strong and comprehensive federal climate legislation that will create incentives for the development of clean energy and energy efficiency.  Caitlin Dorsey, J.D., Director of Research and Compliance, e-One

igo_logo16.thumbnailIGo Car Sharing As a business working to reduce emissions, I-GO has clearly demonstrated that programs promoting sustainability can create jobs and economic opportunity while lowering costs for consumers.  This is why I-GO supports proposed climate change legislation pending before the House and the Senate.  These bills are unique in their ability to achieve sustainability and economic growth for our nation. We urge you to recognize the importance of passing federal climate change legislation and join us in supporting this landmark achievement. – Sharon Feigon, CEO, I-GO Car Sharing

Savvy_FINAL_wtag13SavvyOur business was created to help consumers make greener, smarter choices in their purchases.  Every small step is important to stopping climate change, but one of the largest impacts we can make is to pass a comprehensive climate change bill that will protect the planet and create green jobs. The far-reaching power of a bill like ACES (H.R. 2452) cannot be underestimated.  We must pass federal climate change legislation now – for small businesses, for the economy, for all of us. – Ginny Wehrli-Hemmeter, Owner, Savvy, Naperville’s only 100% green store!

 BaxterLogo08_Blue_Small Baxter Healthcare. Climate change is the most pressing environmental challenge of this generation. Many of its effects are now evident and increasing in severity each year. The successful reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) will require all elements of society to take meaningful and timely action.  Multinational companies should demonstrate leadership by setting GHG emissions-reduction goals, implementing innovative emissions-reduction programs, and tracking and reporting progress.  Reducing GHG emissions and taking action on climate change are core elements of Baxter’s sustainability efforts.

 RED-logo1Recycled Energy Development (RED) seeks to change the way the world makes power.  Our mission is to profitably reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.  By capturing energy that’s normally wasted and turning it into clean electricity and heat, RED helps manufacturers and other large institutions save money and cut pollution at the same time.   We ask Congress to approve comprehensive energy and climate-change legislation that will place an appropriate price on carbon pollution and encourage a rapid transition to clean power. – Dick Munson, Recycled Energy Development, SVP.

 Bilco21Bilco Carpet Cleaning Service, Inc. specializes in the HOST carpet cleaning system. HOST is the only Green Seal Certified dry carpet cleaning system on the market today. We are trying to improve the environment by reducing the toxic pollution and waste, conserving resources and habitats and minimizing global warming and ozone depletion. We ask Congress to do its part by passing comprehensive federal climate change legislation to move our country towards a sustainable future based upon clean and renewable energy . Steve Jacobi, President, BILCO Carpet Cleaning Service

 HannahsBretzel2009.thumbnailHannah’s Bretzel is the first quick service sandwich maker in Chicago to focus on organic ingredients, whole grain nutrition and green business practices. From food to energy, cleaner and greener brings only benefits, from nutrients to costs. We urge the US Congress to adopt an aggressive stance towards smart and modern energy solutions. From wind and solar, to high speed train travel and electric cars, this is what needs to happen for the benefit of us all and future generations, more importantly though to ensure that the United States remains competitive as a leading, modern and progressive nation.Florian Pfahler, Owner

asparagus2009_HORIZ_Logo_opt3.thumbnailAsparagus Interiors Inc. I am a small business owner who is committed to providing sustainable interior design solutions to residential and commercial clients.  My professional and personal commitment to sustainability is the foundation for my support of federal climate change legislation. I urge the U.S. Senate to act on this important issue this year.
– Elizabeth Marusin, Owner, Asparagus Interiors Inc. (Designer, Allied ASID)

CardamomKitchenLogo.thumbnailCardamom Kitchen. My business promotes greener food choices by bringing folks back into the kitchen – where portions are smaller and meals are free of intense processing and excessive packaging.  I strongly support other efforts to protect the environment, including the comprehensive call for a clean energy economy in the American Clean Energy and Security Act.  Now is the time to pass meaningful legislation that preserves the environment through the next millennium.  – Susan Pachikar, Owner, Cardamom Kitchen

ground floorgfp-logo_border_greenGround Floor Partners. I am a business owner that provides strategic and operational management advice to small and medium businesses, with a passion for clean energy solutions.  The scientific evidence is overwhelming and clear: climate change is caused by mankind’s over-consumption of carbon-based fuels, leading to warming oceans, more severe weather patterns, rising sea levels, melting ice caps, increasing droughts, and growing migrations of invasive species.

The good news is there are a wide variety of solutions available to reduce our consumption patterns, but we need strong federal climate change legislation to incentivize the shift away from coal, oil, and natural gas, and move toward solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. I strongly urge the U.S. Senate to produce a sound energy bill that encourages these kinds of changes while simultaneously stimulating green jobs creation, increasing U.S. national security, allowing the U.S. to emerge as a global clean energy leader– Andrew Clarke, Owner, Ground Floor Partners

  Jayaram-Law-Group-Logo1.thumbnailJayaram Law Group. As an American business owner, I urge Capitol Hill to pass critical climate change legislation this year that will  support our transition to a clean energy economy and protect our food supply.  Congress must recognize that climate change is reducing crop yields  and increasing insect damage to U.S. crops.  In addition, current U.S. farming methods are heavily energy intensive requiring electricity, fuel , pesticides, and fertilizer for growing, cultivating and processing.  By acting now, Congress can help slow environmental damage to farm land and provide necessary incentives to move our agriculture sector to clean energy alternatives.  – Vivek Jayaram, Esq., President, Jayaram Law Group

Kestrel Development Company. It is incumbent that serious climate change legislation be enacted by Congress that will provide meaningful incentives and enforceable actions to keep the US economy competitive and secure in the 21st century.  – Mark Burger, Principal Consultant, Kestrel Development Company

NCRLC_logo1.thumbnailNational Catholic Rural Life Conference Prudent action by Congress is urgently needed to begin to halt the growing impact of global climate change and pursue the common good. People living in poverty in the U.S. and abroad contribute less to climate change but are already beginning to suffer its consequences with few resources to adapt and respond. Funding allocations are needed to help poor and vulnerable people adapt to climate change as are effective policies to help reduce global warming.   – James F. Ennis, Executive Director, National Catholic Rural Life Conference

PizzaFusion55.thumbnailPizza Fusion. It is imperative that the U.S. Senate pass historic federal climate change legislation now -for the sake of our children.  Here at my organic restaurant, Pizza Fusion, we are doing our part in sustainability by using Energy Star equipment, hybrid delivery vehicles, LED lighting and offsetting our power consumption.  By passing comprehensive climate change legislation, all of us will be better able to move towards sustainability through increased energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, which will reduce our consumption of carbon based fuels.   – Tom Katsenos, Pizza Fusion Naperville

 ShakleeIDLogoColorNoTag14.thumbnailShaklee Products I am a passionate and proud provider of non-toxic, household cleaners made by Shaklee Corportation, and I support federal climate change legislation because it will jump start American ingenuity in developing renewable energy sources, which will result in many new green jobs.  Our future generations are counting on our commitment.  Because of what we do today, they will have a clean world to live in and jobs that will sustain their lives as well.  – Deb Villarese, Shaklee Corp.

  SPARKS-CCC1.thumbnailSparks Complete Car Care It is quite evident from the scientific findings that the rapidly changing climate is reshaping the global landscape and seriously threatening the future of our children. As a business owner in an automotive industry, I strongly support passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES), H.R. 2454.  Passing this legislation to cap greenhouse gas emission will not only spark  innovative ideas and ignite business opportunities, but it also revolutionize the vast transportation industry.
– A. Bob Parida

In late 2009, the following 12 companies asked the U.S. Senate to pass comprehensive climate change legislation this year: Hewlett Packard,  Johnson & Johnson,  DuPont,  FPL Group,  Bumble Bee Foods,  Dell,  Google,  Johnson Diversey,  Levi Strauss,  Nike,  PG&E Corporation,  Xanterra.

Click here to read the letter they delivered to the U.S. Senate.

Business leaders: Share your support and add your business to this page. Tell your Senator strong climate legislation is good for business.