Join us!

Facebook-ELPC1No matter where you like to hang out on the Internet, you can keep yourself updated about our latest initiatives, victories, and actions!  ELPC is active at the following social networking sites:

Facebook: Environmental Law & Policy Center and ELPC Grassroots

Facebook is a multi-use website where you can connect with friends by “friending” them, join groups, and “become a fan” of organizations, celebrities and people.  Our ELPC Grassroots page focuses exclusively on global warming action, whereas our ELPC page posts more general updates from all different initiatives.

Becoming a fan on Facebook allows your friends to see what organizations/causes you care about.  In this way you could inspire a friend to also become a fan and take action against global warming!

Twitter: ELPC and ELPC Grassroots

Twitter is a micro-blogging service that allows users to post short updates, called “tweets,” up to 140 characters.  Their subscribers, known as “followers,” can read these updates on their friend feed, or “timeline.”  Followers can repost (“retweet”) these updates or reply to them. ELPCenter is our general Twitter site where we post updates from our websites, retweet interesting environmental news from other people and organizations, and interact with our followers.  ELPCgrassroots does the same, but is exclusively focused on global warming solutions.

By following environmental organizations on Twitter, you can help spread the word about important issues through retweets and replies!


LinkedIn is a professional network used for networking and collaboration between colleagues and associates.  Our LinkedIn Group is full of environmental professionals and advocates.

By joining us on LinkedIn you can help build our network and gain support from like-minded people. collects thousands of concerned people active in all sorts of causes, and it is a resource for those who want to get involved in activism but are not sure where to start. has general categories for different causes, but also allows its members to support individual non-profits.

Through ELPC’s non-profit page on, you can become a “supporter,” recruit friends to become “supporters,” fundraise for us, and sign petitions on our various initiatives.


YouTube is a video sharing website.  Users can post videos, search other people’s videos, comment on videos, and subscribe to certain users for e-mail updates when they post something new.

Our GlobalWarmingSolutions TV page, or GWSTV, contains several videos to better help people understand issues like climate change.


Flickr is a photo-hosting and sharing website.  Our Flickr includes photos from ELPC events.